Planning Assessment Reporting and Learning (PARL)

Strategy-icon Strategies

Map out your strategies in a logical and visually compelling manner

Progress-icon Progress

Monitor the progress towards the intended outcomes and adjust your strategy easily when necessary

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Extract data for reporting to your board and funders

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Fill the missing link between your strategy documents and your grants management system


The Planning Assessment Reporting and Learning (PARL) tool is an application available on a secured web platform for foundations, both large and small, that need a simple-to-use but powerful aid for programme teams.

Document your Strategic Objectives with the PARL logic model graphical depiction, from the contribution of a single grant to the achievement of an entire objective. Assess progress against Key Performance Indicators at the Grant, Outcome and Objective levels. The graphical interface presents an attractive and simplified visual on how change happens, and your progress towards impact.


PARL logic model – describing grant contribution to the achievement of the objective


Generate reporting for internal management and funders

Increase clarity and improve strategic decision making by providing a common strategic language between your organisation, your funders and your grantees

Improve internal organisational alignment and communications through a common, documented framework

Allow programmes to monitor their strategies and track progress against their objectives.

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  • PARL is a project by the European Climate Foundation. It has been in production use for 3 years, and has been successfully adopted by ECF programmes and partners.
  • A typical programme managed via PARL contains 3 to 5 objectives, and each objective counts between 15 and 50 grantees on a yearly basis.
  • PARL has a API connection interface with the FLUXX grant management system, but could potentially be connected to any grant management system.
  • PARL can be used by any philanthropic organisation interested in strategic grantmaking.
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"We’re using PARL across all our programmes and it has increased collaboration and decision making internally while getting great feedback from our funders and supporters.”
Johannes Meier, CEO European Climate Foundation

Cristina Chiotan

[email protected] (ECF Evaluation Manager)

Mayta Villafane

[email protected] (ECF COO)

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